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Our Mission and Vision

For Your health began in 2020 as a health and wellness blog with an undying vision and mission to help you attain the pinnacle level of full health—the brain behind this visionary blog, Dr. Josephine. R. Fritsche is an agile, determined, and focused medico in the health world. Dr. Josephine. R. Fritsche, whom we can call the imaginary doctor of our opening quote, founded the blog with the sole aim of reducing the myriads of complexities faced by many on their health and wellness journey. This blog was borne out of a burning desire to offer a helping hand to help humanity via the health sector.

Our Purpose

We aim to provide top-notch and skilled health services through our diligent doctor-writers. This blog is your guide to getting started for a healthy and active life, and your coach if you’re already an enthusiastic fan of health and wellness. Regularly, we hope to provide up-to-date fitness guides, which we helpfully tag “Your health 101”. In a formal but engaging style, For Your Health will meticulously show you how you can stay healthy by staying active.

We cover various topics on exercises, such as the different types of physical activities, especially those you can practice at home, during this lockdown period, and the complimentary healthy diet you can observe, to boost your health. Along with our practical tips and guides, we’ll also dabble into various workout plans to expand your posture and improve your physical agility. If you’re looking for a verified popular choice blog of many health and wellness lovers, you’re in the right place.

For Your, Health hope to serve people of all ages, and we aren’t limited to any race, color, or sex whatsoever. We happily welcome all. Daily, we’ll examine many rooted and widely-accepted myths about health, and of course, which are mostly wrong. All we stand for is helping you attain sound health. Thus, you can rightly expect we deviate a little from popular paradigms as we daily dissect the internal and external anatomy of healthy living.

Well, you’ll be right to call this blog, your health and wellness specialist, or even coach. In a gold-like platter, we will give you access to a medically-verified fitness plan that you can easily access at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Each of our readers will be assigned a health specialist whom they can consult daily. The health specialist will be unique to you and will be readily available to attend to you promptly.

Another distinctive feature of this blog is the commentary section. For Your Health blog is your lifelong friend, where you discuss your bulging health-related questions and have them answered by experienced and professional medical specialists. Rest assured that your items are as confidential as you want, and we will treat all inquiries with the utmost respect. Thanks to this digital age, we seek to provide a virtual platform where users can interact with one another, and through that, encourage and advise each other on a daily dose, for health’s sake.

Also, Dr. Josephine. R. Fritsche will be available weekly to hear your stories in the health and wellness journey. And we also welcome suggestions, comments from our readers, well-wishers, and friends as no one is an island of knowledge. Finally, For Your Health blog will never compromise in its quest to improve the overall healthcare of all, both near and sundry. Your complete health matters to us as our topmost priority, now and always.

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