False Myths That People Follow to Be Healthy

There are some false myths that have been surrounding the issue of health and wellness. Below are some:

  • Organic foods contain more nutrients, and they’re free of pesticides. Not all organic foods are automatically better for your health, and they’re not always free from pesticides.

Farmers of these foods are allowed to use farming products that are naturally derived, but they still contain some chemicals.

  • Coffee stunts a person’s growth.
  • It’s safe to eat food that has dropped on the floor, and you have picked it immediately. If the floor has bacteria, doing this is not safe. Bacteria can contaminate the food quickly, and within milliseconds. You won’t be able to rescue your food from germs.
  • Sugar is addictive.
  • Eating at least an apple on a daily basis keeps away the doctor – apples are good for the body due to their vitamin contents.

But, whenever you are sick, you should seek medical attention, because eating apples alone won’t treat you. It would be best if you consult a doctor.

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