Do you love working out but find it difficult to visit a local gym?

If yes, you’re in the right place. You can bring a gym to your own home to enable you workout at your own time and pace.

What’s more, gym membership fees are ever-rising and the number of patrons continues to increase. This leaves you with limited access to workout machines you’d want to use. Therefore, the essence of a home gym becomes imminent.

You can easily transform your garage, patio, basement, backyard, or any spare room into a home gym customized to your unique goals and needs.


Creating a gym at home isn’t about investing in a single elliptical you can place in the corner of your kids’ toy room. Instead, a modern gym is an all-out transformation of your space based on your favorite fitness or exercise workout.

Exercising on a regular basis is an integral aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s also important to include your kids in a good workout routine from a young age. A home gym can allow you to meet the needs of your kids to keep fit and live healthy.

Design a home gym with your young ones in mind. Use bright colors on the walls and hang images of your kids’ favorite cartoon characters. Something like SpongeBob SquarePants in the act of living weights can get your kids to enjoy working out.

Add fun equipment for kids such as a flat-screen TV with a built-in gaming system and an indoor jungle gym in a section of the gym where your young ones can play video games for a workout.

Paint a “sidewalk chalk” creation such as a hop-scotch pattern on the floor. And, integrate some outdoor activities such as a stationary bike or jump rope to kick-start their cardio.

Working out together as a family and the choice of a fun design theme will guarantee better workout results.

You can design your home around gymnastics if you’re into regular workouts and gymnastics. Invest in the right flooring, especially if you’re into gymnastics; in this case, you’ll need a padded floor because the activity is usually dangerous.

The need to choose the right equipment also goes without saying. Let your favorite exercises guide your choice of equipment to ensure that you only buy what you’ll need. Choose a few workout equipments because they’re often bulky and costly.

For instance, rings are compact and fun, making them ideal for building your core and upper strength. On the other hand, a low beam helps work on your muscle tone and balance.

You can also paint your walls royal blue and add gold accents for an inspiring spirit. Add some photos of your favorite gymnasts to further motivate yourself to workout.

With a home gym, you get to exercise whenever you want. You can easily transform your space into a functional and stunning home zone for workouts. Here’re tips to get you started with decorating your home gym:

6 Decorative Tips for Your Home Gym to Improve Health and Wellness

  1. Install decorative mirrors

Mirrors are both functional and decorative in a home gym. They reflect light and can transform a dark, claustrophobic room into an airy space with expansive views.

Large mirrors like those actress Brook D’Orsay used in her home gym can ensure that you don’t feel like a mechanic pumping iron in an auto shop when working out.

You can get full-length mirrors at IKEA for less than $100 if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to go pricey. Install the mirrors in view of your weights to check your form when weight-lifting.

  • Add life to your walls

Color can wake up dead or dull walls in your home gym. Choose a bold, inspiring color to paint on your walls or simply do strips to invite you to exercise. Hang decorative hooks on the walls to hold jump ropes and bands for your kids.

Keep your workout gear on the display to remind you that you need to work out. Hiding them beneath your bed or under the closet can mean you forget to workout.

  • Add some fun accessories to motivate your workouts

A lean yet powerful speaker can motivate your workouts. You’ll find it handy when playing music from your iPod or any other music player. Opt for one that’s rechargeable and offers long battery life of up to 16 hours for uninterrupted exercise sessions.

Add green plants for a touch of nature and its restorative power. It’ll make you feel recharged to keep going until you achieve your goals for the session.

You can also add some furniture appliances for decorating your patio to transform it into a workout space. The appliances are functional for outdoor cooking when not working out. During your exercise sessions, you can use them as storage surfaces to hold your essentials.

  • Install an exercise-friendly flooring

The best flooring for workouts is friendly to your joints. It also stabilizes you and your gear, keeping them looking good for long-term use.

Opt for easy-to-connect tiles in your desired color to cover your workout area. You can also add a waterproof coating such as epoxy to improve traction and ease cleaning.

Vinyl tiles also come in varied colors and patterns to suit your unique flooring preferences. They’re also waterproof and offer impact absorption. Depending on your space and where you live, the coating can cost you less than $100.

  • Light your home gym with modern lighting

The right lighting adds proper ambience and mood in your home gym. Consider standing floor lamps with a built-in dimmer to create the right ambience.

Alternatively, opt for track lighting for a different look and appeal. The lights are easy to install, hence no need for a professional. If you’re into yoga, opt for low lighting.

On the other hand, bright lighting is ideal for kick-boxing for the high energy it induces.

  • Add small treats for yourself

Get a small roller cart and fill it with towels, chilled water bottles, and scented wipes for refreshment. These post-workout items are perfect for treating yourself after burning off some calories, giving you a cost-effective locker room without the naked people you’ll see in gyms. With the right decoration of your home gym, you’ll be inspired to workout and achieve your fitness or health goals.