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Health and wellness

Everything You Need to Know and Do to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

The Importance of Health and Wellness

Good health and wellness ensures that you eat nutritious meals and exercise your body to prevent chronic diseases. You also enjoy fitness and greater flexibility in your body.

There are many benefits to staying healthy. They include:

  • The risks of early deaths are minimized.
  • Healthy people experience improved health behaviors.
  • It helps reduce your chances of being sick.
  • The productivity of a healthy person is increased.
  • When you are healthy, the costs that you spend on health issues are minimized.
  • Good health decreases the rate of absenteeism for employees and school-going children.

What you should do to be healthy

Some of the tips for staying healthy include:

  • Exercise regularly – learn to be active always because regular exercise reduces your rate of aging, and your risk of contracting chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure.

When you exercise regularly, your self-esteem, mood, and general mental health are also improved. Exercise also improves your fitness levels and physique.

  • To be mentally healthy, make it a habit to get enough sleep and rest. And, whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a walk and try to be calm and composed.

You can also engage in mental exercises such as puzzles. Try new things, have fun, and whenever you feel depressed, seek advice and support from others.

  • Make it a practice to eat three healthy meals each day – Your diet should not miss fruits and vegetables, and avoid meats with saturated fats and high cholesterol levels.

Also, regulate the portion sizes that you take, and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

  • Avoid the use of tobacco and other risky and addictive drugs.
  • Minimize the rate at which you consume alcohol, if you’re addicted to it. But, if you can quit the behavior, please do. Alcohol consumption increases your chance of suffering from liver cirrhosis.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, and if possible, a lot of clean drinking water per day.
  • Check your weight and maintain appropriate body weight.
  • Avoid risky sexual behavior – be responsible for your actions and learn to say no whenever you’re faced with a tempting situation. Commit to your legal partner and practice sex responsibly.


A healthy lifestyle is being promoted even in the workplace as it increases employees’ productivity and minimizes absenteeism. Employers have been working tirelessly towards ensuring that their employees are fit and healthy.

In 2019, a survey revealed that about 83% of employers believed that the wellness program at the workplace positively impacted employees’ health.

Also, the same survey showed that 84% of employers believed that wellness programs positively impact the productivity and performance of their workers.

Health and wellness are the key to healthy living and living a longer life.

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